Robert Pattinson: “The Batman is unlike anything we’ve seen before”

The protagonist of the new DC Comics movie, Robert Pattinson, speaks openly about The Batman and warns us of his greatness.

By all reports, batman It’s going to be different than any other version of the Dark Knight that we have seen before in the cinema. It seems that DC Comics has put all the meat on the grill and Warner has allowed to do and undo. Matt Reeves has wanted to put the focus on the fractured psychology of the protagonist, whom he will bring to life Robert Pattinson. Precisely, after all the spoilers that we discovered yesterday, we have now discovered thanks to the actor how different the reboot of the Bat Man.

In an interview granted to GQin which he revealed that he was drugged at the casting of TwilightRobert Pattinson confirmed to have seen a “preview version” of batman. It seems that the influences of the film are unconventional and that this will be evident from the beginning. «I saw a preview of the movie by myself and the first scene is so jarring from any other movie about this character that it has a completely different rhythm.“explained the actor.

The actor suggests that this will be the detective film we were waiting for

«It was what Matt Reeves said from the first meeting. He wanted to do a ’70s-style noir detective story, like The Conversation. He figured that would be something funny or something, a specific aspect of our movie. But from the first take you realize that you are in front of a detective movie“Robert Pattinson went on to explain about batman.

«I feel like an idiot because I didn’t even know Bruce Wayne was the world’s greatest detective.“, recognized the actor. «I’ve never heard of it in my life, but I really think it works. There are many things in which he is involved with the police. Normally when you see this superhero, he comes in and beats up the villains. Here he has a lot of dialogue and conversations, there are such emotional scenes between the characters that it’s unlike anything we’ve seen before.«.