Robert Pattinson was drugged at the casting of Twilight

The protagonist of the Twilight saga, Robert Pattinson, reveals that he was drugged at the casting of Twilight, the saga of love with vampires.

The actor Robert Pattinson (TheBatman) has recently admitted that he took Valium during the casting of Twilight. Based on the successful series of young adult romance books written by stephenie Mayer, the first film in the saga was released in 2008. Fourteen years ago! The story follows in the footsteps of Beautiful swanstarring a Kristen Stewart that today has been nominated for the oscars 2022. Bella is a young woman who moves to the Pacific Northwest and falls in love with her mysterious classmate. a guy named Edward Cullen who ends up turning out to be an immortal vampire.

“He helped me get the part,” the actor joked.

In a new interview with the magazine GQRobert Pattinson revealed that he actually did the first audition for Twilight under the influence of Valium. After explaining that he was sleeping on his agent’s couch at the time, he said that he was so overcome with anxiety, so nervous, that his agent suggested that he take one of his Valium pills to calm down. Not only did he help him get to the audition, but the actor suggests that he might even have helped him land the part.

«I started to develop an absolute terror of auditions. I’m sure many actors suffer the same. I could be very excited about the opportunity, but when the day of the casting came, my confidence completely collapsed. This happened to me at the Twilight casting«, Robert Pattinson began to explain about this funny work anecdote.

«I used to live in my agent’s apartment and sleep on his couch. She emailed me the casting information and I reacted by saying that I was going crazy and I didn’t want to go to the audition anymore.“He continued explaining. «She told me to get a Valium, which she kept in the bathroom. She had never taken one before. I just remember feeling glorious in the back of the taxi, with the window open and thinking, ‘Wow, so this is what I was missing.’ I think I had a bit of an aloof attitude during the audition, so she must have helped me get the part of the character.«.