Rocket League 120 FPS PS5 bug under investigation, update expected in early September

Rocket League Developer Psynoix has announced that the issues currently plaguing the 120 FPS update for PS5 users are being investigated, and an update to fix the issue is expected in early September.

Although the Rocket League PS5 120 FPS update was just released, it contained an annoying bug that prevented it from working properly. A fix should hopefully happen in a few days, though, as we’re about to start cheering by August, so an early September release for the fix could be this week if we’re lucky.

See below for the Twitter blurb:

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Psyonix confirmed plans for a Rocket League PS5 update earlier this month, confirming that players would have a choice of two modes: Performance and Quality. Performance Mode allows players to experience the vehicular footie title at 70% of 4K at 120 FPS, while in Quality Mode you get 4K resolution at 60 FPS.

Rocket League was originally released for PS4, PC, and Xbox One in July 2015.