Rumor: Final Fantasy 16 has postponed Square Enix’s next PlayStation Exclusive reveal

Square Enix has reportedly delayed the announcement of its next PlayStation exclusive console title to wait for the release of Final Fantasy 16. The rumor is in line with recent statements from the Japanese developer, who have expressed interest in developing more titles exclusively for PlayStation consoles. In particular, the upcoming PlayStation exclusive won’t be new Kingdom Hearts, nor a new one Final Fantasy or dragon quest.

Final Fantasy 16 needs a little more time in the oven

According to VGC journalist Jordan Middler, Square Enix initially planned to announce the new PlayStation Exclusive around this time. However, Square Enix had to be the next big Final Fantasy 16 unveil until spring 2022. The delay was mainly due to manufacturing issues related to the ongoing pandemic, which required the development team to “decentralize” its manufacturing process.

Unfortunately, this also meant that Square Enix would delay announcing the new game so it wouldn’t divert attention from FF16. Middler notes that Final Fantasy 16 Square Enix’s main focus right now is that the unannounced PS5 title could potentially “diverse focus” from the upcoming game. However, Middler also clarifies that the unannounced title is not another one Final Fantasy game, nor a new title in the Kingdom Hearts or dragon quest franchises. This removes any possibility that the Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 or the recently announced Dragon Quest XII.

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[Source: ResetEra]