Rumor: Hideo Kojima PSVR 2 game in the works

A new report suggests Hideo Kojima is working on a PlayStation VR 2 game in collaboration with none other than award-winning virtual reality narrator Celine Tricart. Twitter user Oops Leaks, whose recent reports have been supported by trusted insiders, claims to have received “unconfirmed” information that one of Kojima Productions’ “minor” upcoming projects involves PSVR 2, a prototype (or dev kit) he received. back in Nov 2021.

Why Kojima is rumored to be working on a PSVR 2 game

Kojima recently revealed that he is working on two projects, one of which is a “big” title and the other has been described as “a new challenge.” He later tweeted that he is playing with something “radical”. Kojima and Tricart are no strangers to each other, and the duo previously served on the Venice Film Festival grand jury for VR entries. The respected veteran developer has also previously expressed a desire to experiment with VR.

This could all be a coincidence, of course, but the idea of ​​Kojima making a PSVR 2 game isn’t out of the realm of possibility and doesn’t seem far-fetched. That said, he remains a bit of an elusive figure, so you never know what he’s working on.

Advice: A Kojima PSVR 2 game is just what Sony needs

Zamena writes… You’ve heard me talk before about PSVR 2 needing a robust library so people can take the plunge or upgrade. Clap on “A Hideo Kojima Game” and chances are people will rush to give it a shot. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past five years, it’s to never trust a report on Kojima-san, because 9/10 times you’ll end up trolling. Take these with a huge usual grain of salt.

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