Rumor: Something is wrong with PlayStation Home…

Playstation Home

To remind Playstation Home? If you don’t, you are probably not alone, as many people within the Play station ecosystem today may not have even played or had the chance when it was alive in the days of the PS3, although it seems like something could happen with Playstation Homeall these years later.

The rumor comes from a reddit user closely following the trademark Playstation Home, where you can see the history of yourself website here. The user notes that although there has been no update since 2019, for whatever reason, Sony just updated again a few days ago, on July 21, 2021.

Now this is all pure speculation, but the idea that something could be going on Playstation Home is not as far-fetched as it has ever seen. VR is clearly a big focus for Sony, and the return of Playstation Home with fully integrated VR functionality for PSVR 2 just sounds like a perfect match. So perfect, someone with Sony Surely you must have thought about that already?

We’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes of this.

Source – [Reddit]