Rumor – The Last Of Us Remake could be released in 2022, along with The Last Of Us 2 Remastered

We knew that Bad Dog works on something for a while. Neil Druckmann even just assured us that they are actually really busy when they go to work.

It’s the ‘what’ that isn’t quite clear yet and the ‘when’ we will ever see these projects. However, according to some new reports, we could find out exactly what they’ve been up to this year.

Leaker Tom Henderson has once again shared his knowledge by saying that “The Last Of Us remake is almost ready and could be released in the second half of 2022.”

As Henderson mentions, one of those projects is in the works: factions for The last of us part 2, which fans are still constantly asking for. With a new multiplayer suite and possibly a PS5 remaster for The Last of Us Part 2, both are good reasons to visit again ? naughty dogs epic.

Henderson also rightly points out that with the HBO The Last Of Us show on the horizon, it’s likely that announcements will come alongside the show’s premiere.

Anyway, hope we hear from Bad Dog soon about what they will do in 2022.

Source – [Twitter]