twisted metal ps4

Rumor: Twisted Metal will be back in 2023

twisted metal ps4

Fans of turned metal should be happy to know that the IP has not been completely forgotten, in fact according to an industry insider that we will be returning in 2023 in a few years.

Tom Henderson is a game journalist and known leaker, and he just tweeted an image we’ve seen before regarding the turned metal TV show currently in production, with nothing more than the caption “2023”, implying that this will be the year of release.

Since we know the TV show is in production, it’s highly likely that this is Henderson. However, we can’t help but hope that there is a possibility that this could or will lead to a new turned metal game.

turned metal falls into a category of Play station classic series that are no longer part of the main line, but could return to fill the gap it has left. For instance, Sony are currently without a first-party FPS game, a void that can be filled with a new one kill zone or Resistance title.

Destruction All Stars failed to cut it for many PS5 players, and even at launch, fans were curious as to why Sony chose to do something new rather than return to turned metal.

Not only could turned metal fill the high octane intense driving arcade game void that Destruction All Stars struggles to fill, it may also be an opportunity to rethink the core of what a turned metal game, and rework it for a modern audience.

That’s all just speculation though, and it’s much more likely we’ll have a new one turned metal TV show is coming in 2023.

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