Run for your Minecraft World Warrior Skin Pack!

Bare-knuckle punches will be plentiful this month in the Minecraft Marketplace!

I have great news that will make you happy! Starting today the World Warrior skin pack is now available on the Minecraft Marketplace! This amazing new pack from 57Digital and Capcom brings 35 of your favorite fighting characters like Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li from your arcade into the Real World for you to join us in a story of fierce feuds and fearsome opponents. These familiar faces have been on our screens even longer than Steve and Alex, and best of all, you’ll be able to play as one of 35 characters in Minecraft! Now, the question is: do you have what it takes?

As part of celebrating Capcom’s classic fighters, we’ll also have 1 free character creator item for you to claim it along with 12 paid character creator itemsso you can modify your character however you want!

If you’ve ever played Minecraft in Survival mode, you’re already familiar with the ground exploration system and fighting mobs for glory (or loot). If that is not your case, I invite you to madly press all the buttons on your control and do your best. I am so excited for the opportunity to truly hone my techniques against inventory loss this month. Maybe playing as Chun-Li, the strongest woman in the world, will allow me to increase my sword skills.

If the thought of raising llamas like Ryu or having a speed running Since Ken isn’t enough for you, why not get some of your friends together to team up, fight and defeat mobs that get in your way at nightfall? Also, you can just hang out with your cats and admire how cool you look in a cheongsam. It’s up to you! Run to get the World Warrior Skin Pack! Hadoken!