Ryan Reynolds demonstrates why it is urgent that Marvel Studios sign him

It is a matter of time before Ryan Reynolds ends up playing Deadpool in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, although for now things are delayed.

The actor Ryan reynolds He is one of the most popular and blockbusters in the world, and he also achieved something that had never happened before. Since it converted to Deadpool the first superhero to have a blockbuster adult-rated movie. You are now about to enter Marvel studios, something that will benefit both parties in a spectacular way.

If we review the box office numbers we can verify that Marvel studios it does not quite work in a market as complex as it is China. Since only team films are usually successful The Avengers. But solo heroes tend to have more difficulties. For instance, Captain Marvel got 154 million, Black panther 105 million or Thor: Ragnarok 112 million. Nevertheless Avengers: Infinity War obtained in the Asian country 359 million and Avengers: Endgame 629 million.

You might think that the two films of the Avengers being the highest grossing companies they obviously performed better than the solo installments of the heroes of Marvel studios. But if we review other premieres outside of UCM we realize that Venom got 269 million and Fast and furious 8 got 392 million. Therefore China has a huge fundraising potential and Marvel studios it does not take full advantage of it. However, hiring Ryan reynolds could be key.

Free Guy is being a tremendous success in China.

Ryan reynolds just released Free guy, a film about a character in a video game who becomes aware that he lives inside a simulation. The film is getting good reviews and in China It has almost reached 20 million in its first weekend and despite the pandemic it will make much more money than any other US premiere in 2021, except for Fast and furious 9.

Therefore, if Marvel studios wants to reach the market of China, count on Ryan reynolds it is a successful strategy. It will also be something spectacular for the rest of the fans of the franchise to be able to see again Deadpool, whose first two deliveries are currently in Disney Plus. Especially if it is with characters like Spider-man, Doctor Strange or Thor.