Ryan Reynolds reveals the biggest lesson he learned from Deadpool

You can no longer separate the image of Ryan Reynolds from Deadpool from the movies, but to achieve that, the actor had to work very hard.

When it premiered X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) one of the parts that disappointed the most was the version of Wade wilson of Ryan reynolds. But luckily he was able to make a movie of Deadpool as he wanted, although that meant that he had to fight against the film studio that at the time was FOX.

Now, the character has passed into the hands of Disney and therefore they will introduce him in Marvel studios, but it seems that the process is still complicated, because not all the ideas you have Ryan reynolds are accepted by the movie studio. However, the actor has revealed that previous experience with Deadpool It has made him learn a great lesson.

“Every time the studio took money out of our budget, we replaced whatever pieces of character we lost. Over time, that became the hallmark and defining characteristic of that property. People don’t remember the nonsense of saving the world. They remember what you said or how you reacted to a moment. For me, that lesson is worth its weight in gold, because you can penetrate the spirit of the age and make an impression without spending a ton of money, without ruining the bank. “

The movie of Deadpool had a budget of 58 million dollars and raised 782 million, much more than any other installment of the X Men of FOX. Since the one that comes closest to it is X-Men: Days of Future Past with more than 746 million dollars. But the big difference is that this movie had a 200 million budget.

What is the future of the character?

Actually Ryan reynolds is preparing Deadpool 3 and they should fit it into the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe, so before he has his solo movie we may see him in movies like The Fantastic Four or Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

we hope that Disney Y Marvel studios let you contribute your ideas to Ryan reynolds since he has shown twice that he knows exactly what to do with this character.

All Marvel Studios movies can currently be viewed on Disney + following this link.