Sable: The inspiration behind the game and its beginnings

Hi there! We are Shedworks and we are so excited to share Saber with you! Find it now available in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia and Mexico) for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Windows 10, and Xbox Game Pass. We hope you enjoy it!

That’s how it all started…

Saber is a game that we started to develop as a 2-person studio in my parents’ shed. Since then, the team has grown and fluctuated over time. We’ve brought in contributors to support us in creating the game, without whom the game simply wouldn’t exist. It has been a long journey and we are very grateful that you are joining us.

Throughout the game’s development, we drew inspiration from all kinds of art and media, from artists like Moebius, Studio Ghibli animations, and architects like Carlo Scarpa, Metabolists, and Archigram. We try to apply this inspiration in a way that hopefully evokes a unique and captivating world to explore.

There are no wrong ways

Saber is a game about exploration, in which we encourage you to play without a premeditated plan or direction. Here we want you to let the expanse of the dunes gently guide your journey. If you see something interesting, divert your original path. If you think you found something “ahead of schedule”, follow your instincts. It may be a slow-paced game, but with the intention of allowing you to take a moment to immerse yourself in the soundscape created by Japanese Breakfast and Martin Kvale and the general atmosphere of the different places you visit.

More expensive

The main objective of the game is to collect masks along the way, a rite of passage that everyone goes through as they mature into adulthood. Explore places where you can meet a variety of characters to help you collect masks. Take the time to talk to them and discover their stories.


In this adventure you will have the company of Simoon, a hoverboard gift from your clan during the Gliding rite to fly without an engine. Simoon will transport you around the world. Customize it to your liking, modify its appearance, feel and sound. Unlock new parts and color palettes!

What will your destiny be?

We are very excited to learn about your destination, the parts of the world you will explore and your reactions to the game we created for you. Saber available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Windows 10, and Xbox Game Pass. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia and Mexico)