Saints Row Gameplay Reassures Hesitant Fans About the Reboot

During Gamescom Opening Night Live, Volition and Deep Silver unveiled the latest installment in the Saints Row franchise with a movie trailer. The new game reboots the franchise with new protagonists and a brand new location, but it left a bit of a sour taste in some fans’ mouths. However, the latest gameplay trailer seems to have allayed some of those concerns as it welcomes players to the fictional desert city of Santa Ileso as the team explains their vision for the title. They also announced a retail-only Saints Row Infamous edition.

“Welcome to Santa Ileso” is introduced by Bryce Charles which will utter the default boss of the game. After explaining why they decided to reboot the franchise rather than make a sequel, Volition then shows off more of the city of Santo Ileso with its “Keep It Strange” ethos. Next, we meet the four Saints – the boss, Eli, Nina and Kevin – as they try to build their own criminal empire and take down the rival criminal gangs trying to stop the Saints from taking over the city. Finally, the team explains what they are trying to achieve with the reboot. Look:

Saints Row will be available in three different versions, both physical and digital. While pre-orders aren’t open yet, the team has unveiled the first of those versions. The Notorious Edition is only available at retail and will come with an expansion pass containing three DLC episodes, details of which have not been disclosed at this time. The Notorious Edition also comes with the following content:

  • The complete Saints Row game
  • The Idols Anarchy Pack, featuring a digitized Idols DJ helmet, a beautiful but brutal Idols Twinkle bat and a neon-lit Scrambler bike
  • The Saints Criminal Customs Pack, a digital pack for pre-orders of physical products and includes The Saints Custom Convertible car and The Saints Custom Stab Jacket
  • The Los Panteros American Muscle Bundle – Featuring the Los Panteros ‘El Lanzador’ Heavy Weapon Skin and Custom ‘Fury’ Motorcycle
  • The Expansion Pass to expand gameplay across three additional episodes, as well as: Saints Row: The Third Remastered.

So far, the reboot has divided fans, but Volition is sticking to their guns and has stated that they “will not shy away from this game”. Their new vision on Saints Row will be released on February 25, 2022 for PS4 and PS5.

[Source: Deep Silver]