Salt and Sacrifice’s online multiplayer is much more extensive than just co-op

Ska Studios first indie hit Salt and Sanctuary is in the same area of Hollow Knight as a 2D game that the souls genre and gave it their own twist on a completely different level, and the sequel, Salt and Sacrifice seems to enhance its legacy with PvP, PvE and co-op online multiplayer.

It was a feature that was sorely lacking in the original, being able to play online with friends, so Ska Studios went even further with the suggestion to just add online co-op and include PvP modes and PvE modes that you can jump into if you wish.

James Silva gave an overview of all the details surrounding multiplayer and how it works in Salt and Sacrifice in front of Gamescom 2021, which you can see for yourself here:

Salt and Sacrifice still doesn’t have a release date, but when it arrives it will be a Play station exclusive. At the end of the overview, Silva does mention early 2022, so it’s possible we could be looking at a January-March release window, although the definition of “early” in a year could technically be pushed later.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait to hear more. After all, Silva points out that he’s one of the two developers making up for it Ska Studios, so it’s understandable if they need more time.

Source – [Ska Studios Press Release]