Samuel L. Jackson confirms his presence in the Marvels

With an image on his official Instagram account, Samuel L. Jackson confirms that he will return as Nick Fury in The Marvels. Learn more about the film below.

Captain Marvel It broke many schemes since its premiere in 2019. However, it was not only the film that caused quite a stir and was very successful, but the figure that its protagonist represented. With the input of Carol Danvers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe The sexualization of female characters began to be replaced, giving way to empowerment. Now, after three years it will be released The marvels, sequel Of the same.

The second part of the saga will bring together not only Danvers (Brie larson) in the mantle, but also to Monica ‘Photon’ Rambeau. It is key to remember that the latter is interpreted by Teyonah Parris, who came to UCM in Wandavision. As seen in the series, the former militant of SWORD She has similar powers and was one of the Marvel Captains in the comics, so her presence in the film is not surprising.

Finally, the duo will be joined Kamala khanwho will be Ms. Marvel, a character that will be introduced in the homonymous series that will premiere at the end of this 2021 in Disney +.

However, the most recent news about The Marvels is not the team that will be formed, nor more about its plot, but that Samuel L. Jackson confirmed that he will be part of the cast. The actor made his participation public with a publication in Instagram in which you can see your makeup Nick fury. In addition, he wears a T-shirt that has the communicator that his character used to contact Carol printed on it.

About the Marvels

About the project, Larson, who will be the star again, commented that he considers this production to be something out of the ordinary. These were the words of the actress to Comic book:

“It is a truly unique experience. I am a big fan of Disneylandso to me it feels like I can go to my own private Disneyland every day. Because they are building all these crazy worlds that no one else knows about. something that, no one else can see. You’ll see it when the movie comes out, but for now it’s just mine. I’m in scenarios that are bigger than you can imagine right now. It is really special “He stated indicating that they have already started shooting.

The film is scheduled to be released on November 11, 2022.