Scan a QR code from a screenshot

Many QR code scanning apps can help you scan a QR code directly from your camera. But when the code is in an image or a screenshot, it can be difficult to scan it and follow the information stored in the QR code. If you are having trouble scanning a QR code from a screenshot, here are the five easy methods you can use to deal with the problem. We hope our guide on how to scan a QR code from a screenshot is helpful.

Scan a QR code from a screenshot
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1. Google Lens

Google Lens is an application developed by Google that uses image recognition technology to understand the information displayed on images, allowing you to use them for various purposes. It comes pre-installed on most Android phones. iPhone users can get it for free from the App Store.

How do I scan a QR code from a screenshot on Google Lens?

Open the Google Lens app and go to the “image” option. Select the screenshot with the QR code. The app scans the code and generates the link within seconds. You can select the option “only the QR code” if there is text or other element on the image.

2. Google Photos

Google Photos and Google Lens work almost the same way, as Google Photos uses Google Lens to scan the screenshot and read the QR code.

How do I scan a QR code from a screenshot on Google Photos?

Open the Google Photos application and choose the QR code screenshot. Tap the Google Lens option at the bottom of the image. Let the Google Lens scan the screenshot and generate a URL as in the method explained above.

3. Barcode Scanner

There are many scanning applications, but not all of them can scan QR code screenshots. Barcode Scanner is one of the few apps that can scan QR codes from screenshots.

How do I use a barcode scanner to scan a QR code?

Download the app to your phone and open it. Select the “scan image” option and then select the image you want to scan. Select the QR code by adjusting four dots. The app will give you the link to the code in a few moments.

Barcode Scanner is an android app. If you’re an iPhone user, look for alternatives like the QRafter app.

4. CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader

This app is for Windows users. It offers many useful features and can scan QR code from screenshots, webcams and even click boards.

How to use?

Open CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader and click the “from file” button to choose the QR code image. The tool scans the code for a few seconds and produces a link in the text field of the QR code. Right-click on the link to copy it, then paste it into the browser’s search bar to go to the link.

5. Zxing Decoder Online

Zxing Decoder Online is a web app, so you can use it on your Android, iPhone, tablet and laptop to scan a QR code from a screenshot.

How to use?

Open the web app on your device and select the screenshot with the QR code. Let the tool scan the code and produce the results. The details of the extract will appear on your screen after the tool has scanned the image. Find the link to the QR code for the “Parsed results” section. Copy and paste it to open the link.

To create a QR code, you can use a service like:† It is important to note that QR codes are safe to use (source

Last updated: February 25, 2022