Scarlet Nexus devs would like to make a more mature sequel given the chance

Scarlet Nexus was one of the biggest JRPGs to come out of 2021, and for many, the potential was even the biggest surprise. The game has found a lovable fanbase that probably wouldn’t say no to another outing in the Scarlet Nexus world, and the developers agree.

Though it wouldn’t be exactly the same as the first, not even tonally. Director Kenji Anabuki would like to take a more mature approach, something he talked about in a recent interview with website Other way around.

“If there’s a sequel, I’d personally like to use the ‘superpower’ theme in areas other than combat. The story’s world and settings could potentially be created for an even more mature audience; by exploring themes such as the dangers of having or using superpowers.”

It should be noted that an official sequel has not yet been confirmed, although even if it were confirmed tomorrow, it could raise questions about which platform it will be released on by the time it’s ready.

However, Anabuki admits that if it were up to him, the hypothetical sequel would be released on all platforms. “This is a personal note, but I would still like to support all versions of consoles on all platforms by the time the potential sequel comes out.”

Source – [Inverse]