Scavengers Closed Alpha On Console Signup Is Now Open For PS5 And PS4

UPDATE September 17, 2021: Developer Unlikely contacted PSU to inform us that applications are in fact not yet meant to be open to Play station users, although the links were working at the time of writing. We should hear more about the alpha soon, so stay tuned to PSU for updates.

Original story continues:

scavengers released in early access last May, and is currently set to stay there according to their website – but it will also be coming to consoles, and if you want to try it yourself but not the PC to do it, you can sign up for the closed alpha On PS5 or PS4 from their website, and you can do it right now.

scavengers is a mix of online PvP and PvE gameplay, in which teams of three battle for survival not only against each other, but also against the deadly wasteland and its inhabitants that can kill you just as easily as an enemy team. It’s a third-person shooter that essentially relies on tactical survival gameplay between you and your teammates, and can make for a thrilling time.

There’s no word yet on when the closed alpha will start, whether you’ll get a code just by signing up or if there’s a limit, and when the closed alpha registrations will close. Important details that are still missing, but for now, make sure you go to their website if it’s something that piques your interest.

Source – [Scavengers]