Science fiction and horror collide with Arthurian legend in The Hand of Merlin

Whether your frame of reference to the Arthurian legend is traditional, like the classic novels and movies, or comic, like Monty Python and the Holy Grailthere is no doubt that you have been exposed to the iconic story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in one way or another.


However, Arthur’s story has been retold so many times over the years, prompting developer Room-C Games to think differently. How could they pay homage to the beloved tradition while also putting a new spin on it?

The result is Merlin’s hand: A roguelite tactical RPG that fuses elements of sci-fi and horror with the Arthurian legend.

Our story begins in the years after Arthur’s death. An apocalyptic event known as the Cataclysm threatens to destroy the multiverse, as each world is besieged by the growing corruption of evil abominations bent on extinguishing every last sun.


After years of imprisonment, Merlin is weak and unable to intervene directly, but he retains his influence within the mortal world, seeking out those who would succeed where Arthur failed. The rest is up to you. He recruits a group of Heroes and leads them on a dangerous journey to bring the Grail from Albion to Jerusalem and stop the Cataclysm to save the multiverse from collapsing.

Sounds pretty simple, right? That’s what I thought too at first, but then I quickly and unceremoniously removed it during my first few runs. These enemies are much more savage than any Knight who says “Ni!”

However, this is where I really came to appreciate the game. Yes, it can be a tiring experience at times, but the game rewards players who learn from their mistakes and make adjustments to their strategy. If rushing the enemy leads to a brutal defeat in close combat, you will surely try a ranged attack next time!


I appreciate that too Merlin’s hand offers several difficulty options, allowing you to adapt to the game at your own pace. “Story” is a great place to start for people who are new to tactical RPGs and want a more casual experience. For veterans of the strategy, the difficulty level increases substantially up to Hard Mode ++. Have fun with that!

Whether you’re a die-hard strategy player or a newcomer to the genre, Merlin’s hand offers a well-crafted story and a satisfying adventure. Are you ready to hold the Grail and save the multiverse?

Merlin’s hand is available now on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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The Hand of Merlin is a turn-based rogue-lite RPG where Arthurian legend collides with cosmic horror. Recruit a company of up to three mortal heroes and lead them in spirit on a desperate journey from Albion to Jerusalem. Explore a richly imagined medieval setting on the brink of the apocalypse. Trade with merchants, upgrade your heroes and discover ancient relics. Search for the lost fragments of your soul, scattered throughout the multiverse, and save as many worlds as you can. KEY FEATURES: A Roguelike Experience Battle your way through the lands of Albion, Marca Hispanica, and Al-Andalus. Will you take a dangerous route, risking life and limb in search of a legendary relic? Or will you choose a safer path? Plan and prepare. Barter, barter, fight. Address challenges. Suffer losses. Recruit new heroes. Earn gold, supplies, and renown. Be careful: your choices are permanent, as is death. But don’t delay, evil never rests. Tactical Turn-Based Combat Master turn-based and squad combat tactics to conquer human and demon enemies. Your enemies will be tough and ruthless; take advantage of high ground and cover, stage ambushes and coordinated attacks, take advantage of synergies between the different classes and abilities of the heroes. Non-linear narrative Enjoy a captivating story inspired by the Arthurian legend, the question of France and the history of Al-Andalus, with an unusual twist. Make decisions in interactive encounters that change every time you play. Written by Jonas Kyratzes (Talos Beginning, Serious Sam 4) and Verena Kyratzes (Dreamlands, Serious Sam 4). Hard Mode Suitable only for the bravest adventurers. Experience an even greater challenge with complex resource management and tougher enemies. Earn Essence with each run which can be exchanged for Blessings and Curses, adding temporary buffs and charge in equal measure for your next run. Dynamic Leveling Use Renown to level up your heroes and choose from a random set of new abilities or improved attributes. But choose wisely! Select skills with great synergy and balance your party for the road ahead. Gear Upgrades Seek out towns to upgrade your weapons and armor, or stumble upon hermit craftsmen in the wild. With each passing day, the world sinks deeper into darkness, and you’ll need all the gear that gold can buy. Relics From a peasant’s humble lucky charm to the legendary sword wielded by Arthur himself, items imbued with magical power are scattered throughout the world. Some you’ll be able to buy from merchants and collectors, but others you’ll have to earn through acts of heroism or displays of ingenuity. Cast rain, thunder, and brimstone spells on your enemies! Search and gather Soulstones to restore your power and unlock new spells. Even if he is defeated, his spirit will retain all of his collected arcane knowledge as he jumps to the next dimension. Alternate Dimensions As you jump from one parallel dimension to the next, the story changes shape. Different kings rule the land, changing the encounters, characters and events. No two worlds are ever exactly alike, and each journey will be unique. And if your heroes fall, remember: defeat is not the end, only a new beginning. There are as many worlds as there are stars in the sky. In each one is Camelot; in each there is a Grail. But there is only one Merlin, and his eternal burden is to face the horror of the afterlife. Every world that is saved is saved forever; every world that is lost is lost forever.