SCUF Announces Reflex PS5 Controllers, First Drop Is Sold Out

SCUF has created a line of PlayStation 5 controllers. The Reflex controllers come in three different models, the first of which went on sale this week and sold out quickly despite the rather high price tag.

The reason for that price tag is the extras on the controller compared to a standard PS5 DualSense. Regardless of which of the three models you choose, there are four repositionable rear paddles that can be removed if desired. Compared to older SCUF models, these have been redesigned and now “ergonomically positioned for a natural feel and optimal performance”.

The thumbsticks can also be interchanged with short or long and domed or concave options. The button to mute the microphone is present and also correct, and the edge of the face plate can be removed and replaced with different colors. Each controller also includes the ability to create three individual controller profiles indicated by red, green, and blue profile lights. Each profile saves the paddle configurations and the profile button allows players to switch between these profiles during gameplay.

The standard SCUF Reflex model will be released next year with a price tag of $199.99. In addition to the above features, this also includes Adaptive Triggers with dynamic resistance levels and vibration modules. The controller will be launched in black, but a white option will also be offered in the future.

The SCUF Reflex Pro model was the first to go on sale and sold out fairly quickly despite the price of $229.99. In addition to the Adaptive Triggers and Vibration Modules, this model also adds performance grip to the back of the controller. This “changes height to give you the ultimate non-slip feel for extended gameplay”. The first drop was only available in black, but other colors coming in the future include white, orange, blue, red and gunmetal with orange highlights.

Finally, the top model is the SCUF Reflex FPS, priced at $259.99. This includes the performance grip, but does not have vibration modules to boost performance. It also swaps the adaptive triggers for Instant Triggers and Bumpers. These offer a “short mouse click” action with “hyper-fast limited movement” instead of the full pull of the adaptive triggers, allowing for faster reaction shots. This controller will not be available until 2022, but will come in four color variants: steel gray and black, steel gray and white, red and black, and blue and black.

All controllers work via a bluetooth connection to the PS5 console. Alternatively, they can be connected via the USB-C connection for extended play. Those interested in any of the controllers can sign up for the mailing list on the official website be notified when they are back in stock.

[Source: SCUF]