Sega may not continue with gaming NFTs

Sega has indicated that it will put its plans for gaming NFTs on hold if they are not well received by the community. In a recent management meeting transcribed by TweakTown, Sega’s management cited the backlash received from companies like Ubisoft and Square Enix, with CEO Haruki Satomi stating that he would like to avoid such a scenario.

Why Sega Is Cautious About Gaming NFTs

In addition to negative player reactions, Sega is concerned about how gaming NFTs will be perceived by Japanese regulators, and whether they fit with its vision of “Constant Creating, Forever Captivating.”

“We have to carefully assess many things, such as how we can reduce the negative elements, how far we can introduce this within Japanese regulations, what will be accepted and what will not be by the users,” Satomi told stakeholders. “We will then consider this further if it leads to our mission of ‘Constant Creating, Forever Captivating’, but if it is seen as making simple money I would gladly make a decision not to proceed.”

Opinion: Sega has the right approach to gaming NFTs

Zamena writes… Both Ubisoft and Square Enix seem to be diving headfirst into token economies, and the universal criticism they’re getting is not without good reason. As I’ve mentioned before, Square Enix’s New Years letter reads like a bizarre, unnecessary promotion of NFTs, and Ubisoft seems to have randomly injected them into a widespread game. Sega has taken a more cautious approach (the management meeting took place before Konami’s NFT fiasco) and seems willing to put its plans on hold if NFTs are seen as purely a money-making tactic, which is the right choice.

In other news, Sega slowed down Sonic Limits to improve its quality. Meanwhile, the one from Ubisoft skull and bones continues to lose staff.

[Source: Sega via TweakTown]