Shadow Warrior 3 is coming to PlayStation Now from day one

Shadow Warrior 3 will be available on PlayStation Now from day one. New gameplay has also been released. Lead producer, Bartek Sawicki explains in a Playstation Blog

The new Flying Wild Hog first-person shooter will be released on March 1. A PlayStation Blog has been written about this, talking about new gameplay footage and that the game will be available on PS Now on day one. The gameplay shows you the Dragon’s Nest. This is described as a beautiful landscape that has seen better days. According to Sawicki, this mission shows the creativity between movement and combat. Here you also get an idea of ​​the new Gore weapons.

The blog provides insight into various aspects of the game. As I mentioned before you will see the Dragon’s Nest; You also get information about gun and sword play, executions and Gore weapons, but also about the grapplinghook and traversal combat.

Sawicki explains at the end that you get the first two games for free with a pre-order of Shadow Warrior 3 on the PlayStation Store. This also applies to the Playstation Store in the Netherlands. Are you going to play Shadow Warrior 3? If so, what are your expectations? Let us know in the comments!