She-Hulk Reportedly Joins Marvel’s Avengers Characters

Twitter user Miller, who leaked accurately Marvel’s Avengers content in the past, has revealed that Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk is on her way to the game and will be voiced by veteran voice actress Krizia Bajos.

Interestingly, the tweet below was quoted briefly by Bajos, who added a green heart to it. However, she later deleted the tweet, presumably because it was seen as confirmation of the report before Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix made an official announcement.

People at MP1e reached out to Miller, who told the website that She-Hulk is “definitely not the last character” to come Marvel’s Avengers. However, he’s not sure if she’s next in line or not.

“The content release turmoil that pushed her into 2022 brought with it some surprises beyond the established rumours,” Miller added. “Expect the unexpected!”

Despite a lackluster review from critics and commercial performance, Crystal Dynamics continues to support Marvel’s Avengers with new content and updates, although some updates have left prayers frustrated. It remains to be seen if the game itself à la . can redeem No Man’s Sky.

Square Enix, for its part, believes it made the wrong choice in choosing Crystal Dynamics to lead a live service project — something the studio has no experience with.

We’ll update our readers when She-Hulk is officially announced for Marvel’s Avengers. Given Miller’s track record and Bajos’ retweet, we’re sure the character is in the pipeline.