Sifu has new gameplay images

Sifu, the brand new game from developer Sloclap, has new gameplay visuals that are full of action-packed Kung Fu.

The new Kung Fu game Sifu has new gameplay images. The gameplay gives an idea of ​​what to expect from the combat, gameplay systems and one of the areas of the game. The gameplay was featured on Game Informer’s YouTube channel.

What makes Sifu unique within the action genre is that the main character gets older every time he is defeated. As you get older in the game you get better at Kung Fu and stronger in general. You only have to give something in return and that is a part of your health. Which means you can take less damage the older you get. That’s exactly what developer Sloclap is all about. The gameplay shows that. The main character doesn’t age much; but you do notice that after each defeat the character can submit XP for a new ability/perk. Another thing players can do is pick up various items and use them as weapons to defeat enemies. During the demo, a number of them were displayed, such as a piece of wood from the environment, a baseball bat and even bottles that the player can throw at an enemy.

This also shows how enemies interact with you. There are often many enemies trying to defeat you. You should therefore think carefully about what you are going to do. You can’t just keep defending until the enemy stops attacking. You have to use mechanics like dodges and parries. You can perform a takedown on an enemy. That causes a lot of damage or even a victory for you, but enemies can counter that too. This makes them stronger and even have a full health bar. The idea of ​​Sifu is that the players are aware of the situation and make use of openings during combat and/or the environment. The most important thing is that you develop and thus improve your Kung Fu skills.

Watch the gameplay here. Sifu will be released on February 8 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.