Sitges 2021: Censor and the short film Last Dance Méliès de Oro Awards

The film Censor by Prano Bailey-Bond and the short film Last dance by Danny Gibbons and Alex Scott have been awarded at the Méliès de Oro Awards

The French director Lucile Hadzihalilovic receives the Méliès Career award for her career linked to the fantastic

For the fourth year in a row, Sitges – International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia has hosted at the Melià Sitges Auditorium the award ceremony of the Méliès de Oro awards, which recognize the Best European Feature Film and Short Film. Prano Bailey-Bond’s debut feature, Censor, has won the title of Best Feature Film, while the short film category won the piece by Danny Gibbons and Alex Scott, Last dance.

Censor had previously won the Silver Méliès at the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam and Last dance the same distinction at the Razor Reel Flancers Film Festival in Bruges. The jury formed by Manolo Vázquez, María Fernando Ampuero and Montse Majench has also awarded two special mentions, one to the feature film The Feast (Gwledd) from Lee Haven Jones, and the other to T’es morte Hélène, the short film by Michiel Blanchart.

The director Lucile Hadzihalilovic has received the Méliès Career Award awarded by the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF). The French director graduated from the Institut Des Hautes Études Cinématographiques in Paris, where she began her career linked to cinema as an actress, screenwriter, director and editor of short and feature films. His debut feature comes in 2004 with Innocence, one of the most suggestive genre films of the time. Evolution was her second job, commissioned to close the Noves Visions section of Sitges in 2015, a mysterious drama with children that confirmed her as one of the most fascinating and personal filmmakers of the European fantastic. His latest work, Earwig, awarded at the San Sebastián Film Festival, participates as a special Official Fantastic session in Sitges 2021.

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The Méliès de Oro and Méliès de Plata awards are awarded each year to the best European long and fantastic short films. They are awards that recognize their level of quality and creativity, and also generate a unique visibility for films and their directors.

The prizes are awarded by the International Federation of Méliès Festivals, a network of 25 film festivals in 19 different countries, with a worldwide influx of more than 800,000 visitors, which is why it is a vital economic and cultural force within the panorama of filmmaking. fantastic cinema.

Its mission is to promote European fantastic genre film productions in Europe and around the world, improving their visibility and positioning among the public and within the sector, while promoting their circulation. The Federation works to fulfill this mission through its network of festivals in Europe, its members supporting Asia, North America and South America, as well as the Méliès Awards for Excellence in European Genre Films.

The Méliès de Oro awards ceremony was held this Saturday, October 16 at 5:00 p.m. in the Auditori of the Meliá Sitges, just before the screening of Earwig, directed by Lucile Hadzihalilovic.