Sitges 2021 faces the final stretch with the Time Machine award to Neill Blomkamp

The Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia – Sitges, increases the capacity of theaters to 100% from this Friday, October 15

The Belgian director Fabrice Du Welz returns to Sitges to present his new work, ‘Irendenrable’, the same day that the teams from Silent Night, The Blazing World, Chucky, Pennywise: the Story of It, Barbarians and Jacinto.

The Festival is nearing the end of this edition marked one more year by the restrictions due to COVID-19, There is a weekend ahead where there are still many titles to discover, such as the premiere of And they will all burn, Grandma, of Paco Plaza, the union in Prisoners of the Ghostland between the Japanese director Sion Sono and a Nicolas Cage who turned Sitges upside down with his visit in 2018, or the closing of David Lowery with The green knight.

Fabrice Du Welz’s career is closely linked to the history of the Sitges Festival. Since his debut with the sickly Calvary in 2004, the director has presented almost all his films at the Festival, including his latest feature film, Inexpensive, where a writer seeking inspiration moves with his family to an old mansion that begins to be besieged by a young woman fascinated with her literary work. Du Welz explained this morning at a press conference regarding a reflection made by the critic Desirée de Fez, present at the table with him, on the use of violence in his cinema: “Violence is not a central issue for me, it is love and the impossibility of being with a partner or being alone. I’m interested in how we manage an impossibility that ends up generating this violence. “

Another of today’s protagonists has been Neill Blomkamp, ​​who has received the Time Machine award prior to the screening of his new work, Demonic, a film that addresses the issue of demonic possessions through virtual reality and new technologies, one of the main concerns of his cinema. Blomkamp has explained about the process of creating the tape: “It was a strange path, different from what I have done so far, the pandemic stopped my work and I had to reinvent myself. Demonic is completely financed by me and my brother, shot during confinement and taking advantage of the resources available to me to explore the elements that interest me ”.

In the afternoon, in the Tramuntana room, A preview of Chucky has been unveiled, the new series created and directed by Don Mancini himself that is based on the eponymous film series and is standalone from the 2019 reboot directed by Lars Klevberg. The screening was attended by actress Fiona Dourif, who not only has a role in the series, but is also the daughter of Brad Dourif, actor who voices the sadistic doll, to participate in a round of questions and answers from the public session attendee. Also today, other outstanding titles have been presented, such as the preview of Jacinto, by Javi Camino, director and screenwriter who has worked on numerous shorts, video clips and web series. The film’s team, made up of the actors Juanma Buituron and Corinna Rautenberg, the producer Uxía Taboada Otero and the composer Wenceslao Lamas, has landed in Sitges to pose before the cameras and present the peculiar proposal to the Retiro audience.

In the field of parallel activities, the Queer Kong Awards were presented today in the Meeting area of ​​the King Kong Area with the presence of Aurora Carbonell, mayor of the Sitges City Council. These awards, organized by Stop Sida in collaboration with the Festival, celebrate for the third consecutive year the recognition of LGTBIQ + diversity with the Queer Kong award, which rewards films programmed in the contest. The jury formed by Marc Sala, Miriam Martínez Hierro, Jordi Izquierdo Berbel, Eliza Martínez Parra and Miquel Claudì-López, have awarded the Medusa by Anita Rocha da Silveira for their contribution to sexual health, the Titane by Julia Ducornau for visibility and integration , and the Chucky series by Don Mancini, for its representation in the industry and for serving as a metaphor of bullying to the group.

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Following the indications of the Procicat, as of this Friday, October 15, the Festival has increased its capacity to 100, making possible a double session that will take place the night of next Saturday to Sunday in the Auditorium with the titles Hunter Hunter + The Sadness, two of the films with the best reception among the public.