Six benefits of speech to text in real time

Speech-to-text is software that captures audio content and converts it into text in a word processor or other display device. It is valuable to a person or company that generates a lot of written content. The software eliminates the need for manual typing and is especially useful for people who are unable to use a keyboard due to their disabilities.

Some people refer to speech to text as speech recognition. The program is used to execute commands, operate a device or write without using a keyboard.

Speech to Text Benefits

Individuals and organizations will benefit from using speech to text. The software can help them deliver their work faster. It can help people with hearing problems. Authors can work faster and companies that provide audio/video transcription services can handle more work.

While some organizations can do the speech-to-text conversions in batches using speech-to-text software, some industries require instant transcripts of conversations. They can achieve it using speech to text in real time platform, usually from a service provider who can integrate it into a learning management system or web conferencing platform.

  1. It helps doctors see more patients

The program allows doctors to see more patients because they don’t have to spend time writing diagnoses. With a speech to text in the real-time platform, a patient’s diagnosis is printed immediately. In addition, the data is stored digitally and is accessible to other doctors who are concerned with the health of the patient.

  1. Speech to text is faster

Speaking is faster than writing. It can capture speech quickly. For example, a speech-to-text program allows users with a written transcript, especially during live events, such as academic lectures, conferences, interviews and seminars, without delay. Likewise, it can increase productivity in various industries.

  1. It’s accurate

Speech-to-text programs give you a high degree of accuracy. Many providers assure that they can achieve 99 percent accuracy.

  1. Hands-free working

By using a speech-to-text program, you can work hands-free. For example, an author can create, format, and edit documents in real time using speech-to-text. It also saves time. For example, a fast typist who types about 50 words per minute can create a 450-word document in nine minutes. Using a speech-to-text program, someone dictating about 140 to 160 words per minute can produce a similar document in about three minutes. Speech-to-text software is beneficial for people with carpal tunnel syndrome or RSI.

  1. Provides equal access to information

Speech-to-text programs allow people hearing-impaired equal access to information and actively participate in events.

  1. keep you safe

Some people work on the road. Although many accidents happen due to using a cell phone while driving, many people still do it. When using speech-to-text software, you can send text messages and emails without taking your eyes off the road.

There are other benefits to using speech-to-text programs. The benefits depend on how you use it. First, you can get some work done early in the morning or late at night. Second, you can use the program whenever an idea hits you. Third, it can improve your health and posture because you can work for hours without leaning over your desk.

Last updated: August 23, 2021