Slitterhead From Silent Hill Director Keiichiro Toyama hasn’t even gone into full production yet

cutting head was just announced during The Game Awards 2021, which makes many fans happy Keiichiro Toyama, the original Silent Hill director back in charge. Unfortunately, however, a recent interview reveals that the game is in production very, very early.

In fact, it hasn’t even gone into full production yet.

The news comes from an interview with Toyama On VGC, where the director says,

“We have completed our prototyping phase. We will use our knowledge gained from the feedback to implement the full production. While it’s too early to reveal details about the game, and it will be some time before the game comes out, we hope you’re looking forward to it!”

When the announcement came during last week’s show, Keighley said it was “in early production”. We just didn’t know how early, it seems.

For PS4 owners, however, this is another sign that they probably should have upgraded to a PS5 for release. If the game is that far out, it’s probably PS4 releases will have stopped.

It’s now common for games to be announced even if they’re years away from launch, but it hasn’t always been a blessing. We’ve had many instances of games being announced too early, jeopardizing their marketing and making the sting of potential delays even worse.

Hopefully that’s not the case for cutting head.

Source – [VGC]

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