top playstation vr games

Social Club VR: Casino Nights – The best casino game to play in VR

top playstation vr games

When you start this game, you find yourself in a swanky casino where you play the best table games including blackjack, Texas Hold’em and the king of all slots – roulette. The game promises to be like a live casino online because you will not only experience new sensations, but also meet new people from all over the world and feel all the adrenaline and excitement that everyone loves the casino for.

Social Club VR is a great single and if you want a multiplayer game you can head to a fancy casino from the comfort of your own room. You can change your reality, from the hat your character wears to the music you hear to what you see on the in-game TV screens.

Why play Social Club VR?

First, you can hone your gaming skills and refresh your knowledge before traveling to Vegas. Second, it’s a great opportunity to get together with 5 (total 6 players) of your old comrades for a fun night of casino games or other games – run and have an old-fashioned brawl. Third, it is the best place to just relax and have fun.

Most important features:

  • Play your favorite casino games – Play table games like poker, blackjack, roulette and more in a private casino environment where you can swing around the room.
  • Artificial intelligence or online players from all over the world – You can play casino games with people from all over the world that you have never met. The system allows you to communicate with them all the time. Before you know it you have the closest companion from the other side of the world. If you’re not in the mood to play alone, collect a different number of artificial intelligence characters.
  • Other non-gambling games – Suppose you have taken a break from poker, why not invite your partner to play a game of chess or backgammon?
  • shooting range – The entertainment in this world doesn’t stop at the casino. There are three different shooting competitions: the Sharp-Shooter, the Quick Throw and the Sniper. Compete with other shooters and see who has the best score!
  • Casino amenities – Enjoy the amenities that many people appreciate in a casino. If you need a drink order one from the menu. If you need a cigarette, get one off the menu, smoke it, but don’t come smelling a fireplace!
  • Become a better player – The more regularly you play, the more chips you can buy. Once you’ve collected a lot of them, you can give your companions extra items they probably won’t be able to take with them by “gifting” them. However, it will be much more fun to use that huge pile of chips to push them at the tables.
  • New world, new me – With the chips in the game you can recreate yourself. You have to wear a peasant cap… you get the idea. You need to change the background of your deck… you got it. You need to change your table skins…not sure if that will make a difference. You need the ace of spades chip to hold your cigarette…done.
  • Bring your friends together – If you thought you and your old high school friends could never get together for a poker night, you were wrong. Hold a private meeting that you and your friends, up to 6 players, can join.
  • No VR mode (beta) – Want to play with your friends who don’t have a VR headset? Or, conversely, you might be left with just a PC when your friends call you to let you know they’re in the game. You won’t miss anything interesting, because you don’t need a headset to participate in this game.
  • Combine your real world with your virtual world – To make playing more fun, you have the option to add your favorite music to play during games and tournaments. If you like records, there are two TVs in the casino. While you play your games, you can watch any MP4 from your library or participate in watching your most favorite YouTube videos.
  • Integration with Youtube – If you want to do something you love, set your number one playlist on YouTube and watch it while you play. Or, if the meeting host posts a playlist, you can all tune in to his playlist. Nowadays, anyone in the casino can participate in this type of entertainment.
  • In game camera – While you’re playing with your friends, why not take a picture of what’s going on? That photo will be saved to your hard drive and you can view it later or even offer it to your fellow players on your #1 media platform on the web.
  • Day chip bonuses – If you return to the game regularly, you will get more chips. Spend a few days in a row and you’ll get even closer to becoming a casino king.
  • The ability to do anything you want – If you make a huge bet in a real casino, you can lose a lot, but here you can test your skills, make a huge bet and not lose a cent in your wallet. All you can lose is your spot on the pioneer board, but you can usually keep playing until you’re back on top.