Sonic Colors: Ultimate PS5 and PS4 Upgrades Detailed, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Sonic Colors: Ultimate is closer than you think, fast approaching the September 7, 2021 launch date and for that release SEGA just unveiled a new trailer detailing the PS5 and PS4 upgrades while showing off some new gameplay at the same time.

The biggest inclusion by far is the news that Sonic Colors: Ultimate runs at 60 FPS with enhanced visuals and lighting, all with a 4K resolution. This is definitely going to be the ultimate Sonic ever looked before.

You can watch the new trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate PS5 and PS4 here:

Some of the other upgrades include the ability to customize the soundtrack to your liking, a brand new mode called Rival Rush, where you compete against Metal Sonic to unlock rewards. There is also a new mechanic called the Jade Ghost, where you can transform into a ghost, fly around, and move through solid objects during 2D sections of the game to find hidden collectibles.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate rushes to PS4 and PS5 on September 7, 2021.

Source – [Twitter]