Sony brings mysterious ‘console prototypes’ to North America

Import data shows that: Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe shipped some mysterious ‘console prototypes’ to Norfolk, Virginia in North America,

Previously, the company shipped multiple development kits from different parts of the world to Oakland, California, presumably custom PS5 consoles for software developers to use.

However, recent records also show that they shipped 1,500 pounds worth of prototype units from their London headquarters to Virginia. The ledger for the shipments lists HS code #981700, which is usually associated with video game products. There are a number of Sony service centers in Virginia, although there doesn’t seem to be anything major in the area.

There’s no indication of what this prototype console could be, but there’s a chance it could be PSVR 2 development kits or maybe even an early version of an as-yet-unannounced PS5 Pro console.

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Sony hasn’t announced any plans for a PS5 Pro or PS5 Slim console, but given the company’s history, a hardware overhaul for its flagship system isn’t out of the question.

[Source – Tweak Town]