Sony creates a new Big Budget AAA studio in Japan

Sony may be setting up a new big-budget studio in Japan dedicated to creating triple-A titles that can appeal to a global audience, insiders say. The rumor comes from a source who previously correctly predicted that Sony would acquire Return dev studio Housemarque back in June.

Specifically, several sources indicate that Sony is interested in creating a new IP on the same level as Capcom’s blockbuster hits such as resident evil, Monster Hunter, and Devil May Cry, and Konamis Metal Gear Solid. All of the games mentioned appeal not only to the Japanese audience, but also the Western audience, and over the decades have amassed a large fan base around the world. The source compares Sony’s studio to Microsoft’s new studio, The Initiative, which was founded in 2018 to make “quadruple-A” video games.

In addition, sources reveal that Sony is hiring experienced developers from Capcom’s Resident Evil team, as well as experienced Square Enix and Konami developers. Rumor has it that the unnamed studio has also been working on a new game since 2020. This also implies that Sony had plans to create the studio even before the company restructured the former Japan Studios around Team ASOBI earlier this year. Another source indicates that Sony plans to announce both the new studio and the project in the coming months.

Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, said earlier that Sony will continue to invest in Japanese game studios. [their] external development studio from Tokyo.” Whether or not the statement is related to the rumored new studio has not been confirmed. However, the statement is consistent with Sony’s recent push for games from Japanese studios.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many details to go by and the source has not provided any kind of evidence proving the existence of the new Sony studio in Japan. As with all rumours, take this one with a grain of salt.