Sony has refused to increase PS4 production to compensate for PS5 delivery problems

Sony Interactive Entertainment has denied that it is manufacturing the PS4 to address the ongoing supply problems for the PS5.

Not only that, but the hardware manufacturer denied reports that it initially planned to cease PS4 production late last year. In case you missed it, earlier this week it was claimed that Sony had ramped up production of the PS4 to combat problems with the PS5’s delivery.

Speaking to NLab, the hardware giant said further production and sales of the console were planned in parallel with the release of the PS5. Furthermore, it noted that the release schedule of PS4 & PS5 is in line with the introduction of earlier hardware.

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The PS5 is currently not readily available worldwide due to limited supply chains resulting from fewer semiconductors required to manufacture the system. The Xbox Series X/S also faces similar inventory shortages, although retailers are steadily getting fresh stock in, albeit in limited quantities.

[Source – NLab via HypeBeast]