Sony launches official PSVR 2 website

Sony Interactive Entertainment has opened the doors for the official PSVR 2 websitealthough if you’re expecting something in the form of new information, you should probably cool your expectations — at least for now.

What we have so far is a summary of all the details we currently know about Sony’s upcoming VR headset, and you can sign up at the bottom of the page for more info updates.

The PSVR 2 is currently in development and is strongly tipped to launch later this year, though an official release date remains elusive. We do know, however, that the device will have vastly improved specs over its predecessor, so much so that it will be very favorable against competing devices.

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Additionally, the PSVR 2’s controller will bear many similarities to the DualSense in that it will utilize haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to further immerse players in their games.