Sony Mobile Games will use PlayStation IPs

It seems like Sony has not given up on plans to expand into the mobile gaming market. Sony Group CFO Hiroki Totoki has stated that the company plans to release mobile games with PlayStation IPs. Sony revealed its plans during a conference call for investorswhere it also announced it would be releasing at least 10 live service titles with the help of its newly acquired studio, Bungie.

Why is PlayStation expanding to mobile games?

The announcement echoes similar statements from PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan, who said the company was “exploring the mobile market” last year. In particular, Ryan highlighted the wealth of PlayStation IPs the company could leverage. Sony was also looking for a new “Head of Mobile” around the same time, with a similar focus on customizing IPs. However, there hasn’t been much development since then, apart from a few strange patents for smartphone devices.

However, that wants to change. During the conference call, Totoki stated that the planned push to mobile gaming is an opportunity to bring its IPs to more users.

The mobile gaming market is included in our growth plans. We see it as a good opportunity to bring PlayStation IPs to more users. While we can’t comment on a specific time frame, we can definitively say that there are plans to bring PlayStation IPs to mobile… Specific details about the expansion will be announced at a later date.

Advice: Sony has plenty of IPs to choose from

André writes… As Jim Ryan mentioned, Sony has over 25 years of IPs to choose from, many of which would make great choices for the mobile gaming market. While some point to Horizon of God of War as good examples, mobile games can also be the perfect opportunity to bring back some classic titles. An Ape Escape Battle Royale title with a plethora of customization options for your own ape? A Parappa the Rapper rhythm game with new songs every season? The possibilities are endless.

In other news, Ghostwire Tokyo has received an official release date and a special showcase that will air tomorrow. Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad has also been delayed to 2023, according to recent rumors.