Sony says it never intended to stop PS4 production

An earlier Bloomberg report claimed that Sony planned to end production of the PS4 console in 2021, but it went ahead due to PS5 shortages. However, Sony denies that this is the case, stating that it never intended to stop making new PS4s.

Is Sony still producing the PS4?

PS4 production continues

According to the Japanese publication NLab, Sony Interactive Entertainment PR stated that there were no plans to end production of the PS4 in 2021. Sony plans to offer the PS4 in parallel with the PS5 in the near future.

The caveat here is that only one model of PS4 is still being made, the Jet Black 500GB PS4 Slim. Sony stopped production of the more desirable PS4 Pro at the end of 2020, confirming the rumor that the company had closed the lines to make the PS4 complete.

However, looking at Sony’s history, the Bloomberg report seems a bit premature. These are the years in which previous PlayStation consoles were manufactured:

  • PS1: 1994-2006: 12 years
  • PS2: 2000-2012: 12 years
  • PS3: 2006-2017: 11 years

With PS4 units continuing to fly off the shelves, Sony clearly doesn’t have the stock to meet demand, so why stop making the console? If the PS4 has the same lifespan as previous generations, we may not see production end until 2024-2025.

With the global chip shortage and other complications caused by COVID-19, PS5 production has been unable to meet demand. However, even last-generation consoles like the PS4 had stock shortages, so it makes sense that Sony would continue to produce its cheaper and easier-to-manufacture console.

Generational transitions have always been a thing in gaming, but this one will probably be the longest yet. With deliveries of PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles failing to meet demand, developers will continue to create multi-generational titles so they can make the most of their profits. As such, we can expect a steady stream of new PS4s hitting the shelves.

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