Sony wanted to fund 3 Haven Studios games

Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios is very quiet about their upcoming brand new exclusive IP for PS5. However, an interview with Raymond, Paola Jouyaux and Pierre-François “Sapin” Sapinski has revealed that the game was one of three thrown to Sony, who then offered to fund them all. Not wanting to overload himself, Haven decided to focus on just one of them.

What we know about the new game from Haven Studios

After the studio was founded, the new game was one of three large-scale projects to submit to Sony for consideration. The idea was that Sony would initially fund the development of one of them, but they were so impressed that they offered to fund all three. Haven decided they would focus on that one project first rather than spreading out too thin. Ultimately, at the time of the interview, the studio has only 25 members – the five founders and 20 former Google employees – and there’s a limit to what a team of that size can realistically accomplish in one go. Whether the other two projects will ever see the light of day remains to be seen.

Very little has been said about the new game since the studio was founded last year. However, in an interview with Le Devoir it was confirmedhe game will feature a persistent and evolving online environment that was compared to that of Rainbow Six Siege. Don’t expect a military first-person shooter, though – Haven has said that the gameplay will be very different so as to allow as many players as possible to get into it.

As Joyaux said, “These environments are not just games, they are social platforms for many players. It has to stay that way. To last, a match has to be fun to visit.” This seems to suggest some form of co-op multiplayer rather than a competitive environment, the game may also be released on PC alongside PlayStation 5 and it wouldn’t make too much sense to assume there might be cross-play between the two However, until an official announcement, we just need to piece together a few details.

In other news, The Wolf Among Us 2 will take center stage in a behind-the-scenes stream to air later this week. In addition to details that may hold that elusive release date, a new trailer will be on display. Elsewhere, PSVR 2 development may not be as far ahead as previously thought after eye-tracking specialists Tobii confirmed they were in negotiations with Sony to supply their technology for use in the headset.