Spectacular Fan Art of Marvel Zombies in real action

If you ever adapt Marvel Zombies in real action, we already know what characters like Captain America, Thanos or the Scarlet Witch will look like.

The series of What if…? (What would happen if …?) has dedicated a chapter to Marvel zombies, where Hank pym, the Ant-Man original returns from the Quantum Realm with a virus that turns people into the undead. But the infected heroes retain some of their abilities and that makes them very dangerous. Without a doubt, the most shocking thing is being able to see the zombie versions of Captain America, Thanos and Scarlet Witch.

Now an internet artist has shared his work to show what it would be like Marvel zombies in real action and we can see precisely these three characters already mentioned. The result is spectacular.

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Will we see this story in real action?

After the premiere of the shocking episode of the series What if…? (What would happen if …?) that can be seen in Disney Plus, rumors have started to exist about a version of Marvel zombies in real action, but it doesn’t really seem like that is in their current plans. However, in the madness of the multiverse that they are preparing, it would be spectacular if they visited such a universe.

Remember that the comic of Marvel zombies it has nothing to do with what we saw in the episode of What if…?, since on that occasion Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Giant Man, Iron Man and Luke cage, they turn into zombies and destroy everything. When they run out of food on Earth they devour Galactus and they acquire their powers being able to go to other planets to satisfy their hunger. Without a doubt it is a spectacular story to adapt to the cinema, but as we already know Marvel studios does not copy the comics 100% but adapts them to his Cinematic Universe.

Would you like them to make a live action Marvel Zombies movie? Without a doubt it would be something spectacular, especially since some of the characters who are no longer like Captain America, Iron Man or Black Widow.