Speed ​​through ancient temples in Turbo Golf Racing Season 2: Aztec Run


  • Turbo Golf Racing Season 2: Aztec Race now it’s live.
  • aztec race it’s a free update for everyone turbo golf racing Game Pass owners and players.
  • Explore a new environment and ten additional levels with new cars and cosmetics.

Get ready for something new in turbo golf racing What Season 2: Aztec Race has arrived!

It’s been a turbocharged start for all of us involved with turbo golf racingAnd ever since the Xbox Game Preview launched in August, all of our players have been asking for one feature in particular: new environments.

Today, we are delighted to fulfill this request.

Season 2: Aztec Race is our fourth free update of turbo golf racing, and introduces our fourth biome: Aztec. Comprised of ten new levels, runners are transported to a colorful new world filled with lush jungles and impressive ruins. It’s our most varied and eye-catching setting yet. Try not to get too distracted as you charge towards the hole!

Turbo Golf Racing Screenshot

The Aztec setting is more than a landscape. It has also allowed us to introduce completely new features to our levels. Cars plow through course-masking waterfalls and roar over geysers that shoot jets of water upward, propelling racers through the air in search of shortcuts. These additions completely change the dynamics of our races, bringing more unpredictability and excitement to each game session.

Of course, a new season also means that a new season of unlocks has started. There are another 40 rewards to work towards in Season 2 as players rise through the ranks, with all-new car parts, balls, and decals waiting for racers. Expect new cars and images that fit perfectly into the Aztec biome, as well as a few surprises…

In addition to these seasonal additions, the in-game store has received a new injection of additional items. This includes some cosmetics from Season 1, so there will be opportunities for new players to get certain car parts and other cosmetics that would otherwise have been missed.

Turbo Golf Racing Screenshot
Speed ​​through ancient temples in Turbo Golf Racing Season 2: Aztec Run 6

Finally, I can confirm that the new power-up we tested during our limited-time Halloween Tricks ‘N Treats event is here to stay. We hear your appreciation loud and clear, so thanks for making some noise!

In fact, we’ve been impressed with the reception from the entire Xbox community to turbo golf racing and it’s humbling to see so many players participating in our game and sharing insights into our development process. We hope you enjoy Season 2 as much as we enjoyed making it as we continue our journey through Xbox Game Preview.

There’s still a lot more to come in the coming months (without spoiling anything, we’re already hard at work on our next update), and as always, we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the latest update. Your feedback so far has already led to the implementation of global leaderboards, cross-platform parties, adjusted quick chat messages, and multiple changes to the game loop through previous free updates. Join our Discord community here to let us know what you want to see added to turbo golf racing in the future.

turbo golf racing is available now via Xbox Game Preview on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and with Xbox Game Pass.