Spider-Man 3 Official Title Revealed

Today was a very crazy day with the stars of the sequel to Spider-man: Far From Home trolling fans with possible movie titles

One of the films that has raised the greatest expectations for this year is undoubtedly the Spider-man movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe played by Tom Holland, the actor has been very active today on his social networks to promote the new installment and has shared an official image of the film and a possible title for it, like his colleagues Zendaya and Jacob Batalon who have each shared a different image and title, with which we have found at the beginning of the day with three official images of the film and three possible titles for the film.

Now the actor jokes through instagram to present us the official title of the film: Spider-man: No way home (No way home).

In the video we see Holland leaving the office of the director of the film Jon Watts, with whom it seems that he has been talking and Batalon and Zenadaya are waiting for him, and then he focuses on a board full of title ideas highlighting Spider-man: No way home, But there is one thing that stands out in this video and the fact that before showing the logo with the possible title there is a typical noise from television. Will Wanda and her Westview multiverse have something to do with it?

You can see the video below:

As for the plot, little is known, only that it will be part of a trilogy within the UCM with Wandavision and Doctor Strange 2; and it is speculated that the multiverse will come into action, a few days ago the star of the film dismantled the theory that we would see Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spidey, although we will see Jaime Foxx as Electro and possibly Doctor Octopus from Alfred Molina. Also one of the most talked about rumors is that we will see Charlie Cox returning to the role of Daredevil although it is not known if it will be the same version that we saw on Netflix. What is certain is that Tom Holland’s Peter Parker will have to deal with the revelation of his secret identity by Mystery when he pointed out as the person responsible for his death.

Spider-man: No way home hit theaters in December 2021