Spider-Man: No Way Home Proves China Isn’t That Important Anymore

America’s big movies aren’t coming to China, but Spider-Man: No Way Home hasn’t been hit at the box office for that.

What China It is one of the most populated countries in the world and they tend to like to go to the cinema quite a bit, the film studios in the United States had considered it one of the most attractive markets. That is why there were even some films that changed their montage to make it more popular in the Asian giant. But Spider-Man: No Way Home it is proving that you can get a blockbuster without opening there.

Nowadays Spider-Man: No Way Home has grossed more than $ 1,368 million and is already the most successful solo film in Marvel studios. So you only have a few deliveries of the Avengers. All this without counting on China, which will undoubtedly change a lot how film studios face upcoming releases. Hollywood.

Why aren’t American movies released?

For a foreign film to hit theaters in China it has to go through censorship and then get a release date. But with Marvel studios very strange things are happening, since there are some that do not pass censorship such as The Eternals or Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, but there are others that nevertheless seem to have no problem and yet are not released, such as Black widow or Spider-Man: No Way Home. What is causing fans of that country to be running out of the possibility of seeing their favorite heroes in action.

This is causing movies to benefit from China, because in their country they continue to work very well, but if we review the money they have obtained outside their borders it is minimal. Since of the three most powerful premieres of 2021, it has two films as they are The Battle at Lake Changjin with 902 million dollars and Hola Mama with 822 million dollars, which are only surpassed by Spider-Man: No Way Home. But the question is … Does anyone know what they are about?

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