Spider-man: No way home. The big spoiler that Tom Holland made to Zendaya

An interview that went viral on TikTok shows a funny anecdote that Zendaya lived with Tom Holland. And of course, it includes a spoiler made by the actor from Spider-man: No way home.

It is not news that Tom Holland does not know how to keep a secret, at least not those who are linked to Marvel. Since joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the British actor has become the laughingstock of fans because he tries not to reveal confidential information, but always ends up failing. There are many funny moments that the new Spider-Man starred in; However, Zendaya does not enjoy spoilers from her partner and co-star.

Recently, a video on TikTok went viral. This filming includes some fragments of an interview conducted by Zendaya and Tom Holland, who are promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home. During the talk, the journalist asks the actress if there was any spoiler that she regrets having found out. Without hesitation, the interpreter who gives life to MJ decided to break the silence and reveal a funny anecdote that she shared with her current partner. Although she was not so amused at the time.

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The big spoiler

“As for spoilers that I wish I had not found out … I wish I had not found out about what happens with Iron Man”, Zendaya says and quickly looks at Tom Holland. “Before the movie was released”, adds the interpreter and her co-star begins to laugh. “Who told you?”he asks her. And then add: “Whoever told you that Iron Man was dying is a terrible person.”

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“I know. I didn’t even get to enjoy it at the movies “, Zendaya replied. “That will have been very difficult for you. You should find the person who spoiled it for you. It’s awful”, Tom Holland comments, while his partner laughs about it. Without a doubt, keeping a secret about Marvel is very difficult for the British actor, who will soon hit theaters with the third installment of his character.

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Spider-Man: No Way Home It will be seen in theaters on December 16, and it will introduce us to a multiverse full of villains from the other Spidey franchises. Will Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire be there? That remains to be seen.