Splitgate delayed to expand server capacity, beta exceeds expectations

After only 14 days the beta is over Portal-inspired shooter split gate was downloaded more than two million times. Thanks to the popularity of the beta far exceeding developer 1047 Games expectations, they have made the choice to postpone split gate in August to work on server capacity. Until then, it will remain in an open beta state, allowing the development team to scale up server capacity ahead of its official launch, which doesn’t have an official date after sometime in August.

1047 also announced a new partnership with Human Capital, which has invested $10 million in cash in the company to help with plans to scale the servers and expand the team of engineers to support the massive interest in the game. . The current team of four engineers spent the cross-play open beta period tackling the growth from 400 concurrent players to over 75,000 in just days.

1047 CEO and co-founder Ian Proulx commented on the game’s reception and the technical challenges it has caused:

Our team has been blown away by the incredible reception the Splitgate community has shown us. With the precipitous and sudden increase in players trying to access servers, we need to fix a myriad of technical issues associated with this level of insane growth. We’ve worked hard to provide a high quality game and experience, and our biggest challenge is simply to have enough capacity to serve the entire community.

He also spoke about the partnership with Human Capital and how it helps them meet those demands:

That is why we are delighted that Human Capital is leading this latest funding round. In addition to providing the capital needed to increase server capacity and stability, they help build the technical team we need to create the best possible game for our players.

Human Capital seems to see a lot of potential and promise in 1047 Games and split gate also. Baris Akis, co-founder and chairman of Human Capital said:

I vividly remember Ian sharing his vision of gaming five years ago, and it’s amazing to see millions of people now experiencing that early idea with Splitgate. But it’s just the beginning for him and the team, and we’re excited to be a part of what’s next for 1047 Games.

While the official full launch may be delayed, there will still be an update tomorrow with some of the planned launch content in the beta, though players may experience server queues as they start and attempt to play. This includes the three new maps, customization options, mouse and keyboard support and an FOV slider on the console, and customizable controller layouts.

A free to play game, split gate draws inspiration from both Portal and Halo for a unique first-person shooter experience that is clearly quite a popular idea. Splitgate’s open beta is still active right now, with a full launch now slated for sometime in August, once they can expand server capacity. You can download the pre-release Splitgate beta and play now as a soft launch of sorts, with all progress carried over once the game fully launches next month.