Splitgate open beta is getting so popular that servers are filling up

Stories of developers achieving success beyond their wildest dreams with their new title are generally rare, but 1047 Games is currently in this great position. Their upcoming free-to-play portal shooter split gate has just been in open beta, but it was so popular that the servers reached maximum capacity and the developer was forced to take the beta offline while trying to get more server capacity before the game’s official launch.

The split gate beta was downloaded and played by 600,000 unique players over the six-day period. Due to its popularity, the beta was initially extended so that more players could try it out. The problem was that developer 1047 Games’ small team only has four engineers and they struggled to meet the demands of so many players. The main problem is that the game’s database is set to maximum maximum 65,536 concurrent players (for the non-programmers among you, that’s the number of values ​​represented by 16 binary digits), and the game hit that limit yesterday.

Until the development team can remove this limitation, they have taken the beta offline and are trying to create a queuing system for when the game goes live. Those who have been able to play the beta so far will receive five drops as “a token of appreciation”. 1047 Games co-founder Nicholas Bagamian said:

So far, our community has been kind and understanding of our downtime as we work to resolve several bottlenecks that have occurred as more people join in to play. We’re a small, growing team, working around the clock to make sure our transition to launch is as smooth as possible, so as many people as possible who want to play can jump in without a hitch.

split gate will be released in full on July 27 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and will allow cross-play with players on PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. At launch, the game will have three new arenas, a Showdown game mode, skins, and gear among the new content that players haven’t seen in the beta. The team hopes to have the database restrictions removed by the time the game launches. Despite these issues, the other co-founder of 1047 Games, Ian Proulx, expressed his gratitude for the game’s reception:

I would like to sincerely thank every player who took a chance on our game. From the small beginnings as a student project when we were in college to today where we are about to launch consoles in two generations, this is a dream come true for me and the result of incredible hard work by everyone at our studio. I especially want to thank our loyal PC players who have stayed with us since our game first rolled out on Steam. We can’t wait to continue repeating split gate and grow the game along with our growing fans.

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