Spotify HiFi is lossless music streaming on the go

Spotify HiFi is lossless music streaming on the go 2

Streaming music has been great at making it easier for many to listen to the tunes they want without breaking the bank to get the latest songs you love. However, for true fans, getting a real LP or CD remains the ideal goal, so that they can listen to their music as they imagined, without the loss of audio quality that comes from compressing audio into a format that makes it easier to use. to stream and shop.

With internet speeds increasing around the world, Spotify believes this kind of compression should no longer be necessary for people who want to hear music at its best, and announced a new hi-fi mode later this year that will allow it to stream music. uncompressed, directly in the format you would find on a CD. Or as Spotify put it at their virtual “Stream On” event, this will “deliver CD quality music, lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect compatible speakers, meaning fans can experience more depth and clarity while enjoying. their favorite songs. “

Spotify currently trumps its music quality at 320 kbps audio, which is still more than adequate audio quality for most people. For those audiophiles who listen on high-quality speakers or headphones and who have a keen ear for audio output, this should be a feature that will certainly be welcome. Previously, if you wanted high-quality audio, you had to subscribe to Tidal for that boost in percussion perfection.

It’s not yet clear how much this new plan will cost, as Spotify said it would only be available in select markets. Which pretty much means that it certainly won’t come out any time soon.

Last updated: February 25, 2021