Star Wars Eclipse is already experiencing development issues

Quantic Dream’s Upcoming Action-Adventure Multiplayer Title Star Wars: Eclipse is reportedly facing development issues just weeks after its initial reveal at The Game Awards 2021. Some of the key issues are reportedly related to hiring issues surrounding recent sexual harassment allegations at Quantic Dream. The studio would also struggle to implement the multiplayer aspect of the game, as the game’s engine was not designed for large numbers of players or NPCs.

The information comes from prominent industry insider Tom Henderson, who previously reported that: Star Wars: Eclipse wouldn’t release “minimum” another four years. According to Henderson, Star Wars: Eclipse originally started as “Project Karma”, which Sony rejected in favor of Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream later pitched a similar interplanetary adventure game for Lucasfilm using the same resources.

Lucasfilm and Disney eventually decided to take up Quantic Dream’s offer, but apparently it didn’t go so smoothly. Star Wars: Eclipse has reportedly been in development for 18 months, but does not currently have a playable version.

That’s not exactly a death sentence, of course, but with recent allegations of sexual harassment and workplace abuse at the Paris-based studio, Quantic Dream is apparently struggling to find staff to work on the project. The allegations also jeopardized the studio’s plans to sell itself to potential buyers — something that should provide Quantic Dream with the resources to further develop its internal engine.

[Source: ResetEra, Tom Henderson]