Star Wars Eclipse release will take 3-4 years

Well-known insider Tom Henderson claimed last weekend that Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse, which was officially revealed at The Game Awards after months of rumors, is three or four years away from release at “minimum”.

Henderson, who has a pretty good track record when it comes to leaks, tweeted that: Star Wars Eclipse is in development at Quantic Dream’s Paris studio, and David Cage is “very involved”. The company has been reported to be struggling to recruit staff following high-profile lawsuits involving Cage and former developers.

Cage has been a rather controversial figure in recent years, appearing in numerous allegations brought to light by French publications and former colleagues. Quantic Dream won one of the lawsuits it was challenging on a technicality and lost another. The company’s reputation suffered significant damage amid the legal woes.

According to Henderson, Star Wars Eclipse‘s development is also limited by Quantic Dream’s internal engine, which was not built for an open world title. Apparently a current developer said to Henderson “If I have a” Star Wars fan, I would have been excited too. But what the game will look like in the end is another matter.”

Quantic Dream currently has more than 50 vacancies in its studio in Paris alone and several others in Montreal.

[Source: Tom Henderson]