Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Sequel To Be Announced “Before E3”

If we are to believe VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be announced before E3.

In a podcast on Giant Bomb Grubb reports that the game will probably be announced in May, but at least before E3. The journalist says that we should not be surprised if this game will still be released in 2022, but thinks that a release in 2023 makes more sense.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was released in 2019 and was very well received by critics and consumers. In the end, more than 10 million copies went over the (digital) counter, making it the most successful Star Wars game ever. A sequel has long been speculated, and EA recently hired Halo Infinite multiplayer designer Patrick Wren to work on a Star Wars game. This, of course, started the rumor mill again.

The game was initially released for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but was upgraded last year for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X. The game takes place after the events of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, in which players continue the story of the new character Cal Kestis.

Despite that, EA is no longer the only one who owns the rights to Star Wars. Recently, Quantic Dream announced Star Wars: Eclipse, Ubisoft said it is working on an open world Star Wars game, and a Knight of the Old Republic Remake is also in development.

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