Start your own business to create a better work environment for yourself and other video game developers

Working for a video game company is a childhood dream of a lot of people. Unfortunately, for some, the dream has turned into a nightmare. The video game companies work their employees too hard, creating a stressful and unhealthy work environment.

If you are a video game developer or if you dream of becoming one, you may need to take matters into your own hands and start your own video game company. This is how to create a successful video game business without putting your employees in the ground.

The stress of working for a video game company

Working for a video game company is extremely stressful. Executives order game changes at the last minute, forcing employees to work overtime to meet the deadline. One company that overworked its employees is the now-defunct video game company Telltale. Telltale worked its employees so hard that some of them evolved severe stress symptoms and even physical ailments due to the demanding working conditions. Telltale shut down in 2018 and laid off its 250 employees. The company was eventually sued by its co-founder and a former employee.

Be the change

A vast majority of video game companies have built up a reputation for making their employees work too hard. Some even brag about it. If you want to change this fact, you should strongly consider starting your own video game company. When you’re in charge, you’re in control. You can choose to create a different working environment for your employees. It is possible to create a company that releases games without disrespecting the workers and talent that develop these games. If you are interested, you can find a good name for your video game business and be inspired to create a brighter future for the video game industry and the people who work to provide the world with entertainment.

Why are video game companies making last minute changes?

You may be wondering why video game companies work so hard on their employees to meet their self-imposed deadlines. Why do they order last minute changes and updates? Today, video games are expected to be updated even after release. 90 percent of all video consoles are connected to the Internet, making it possible for video game developers to keep updating games that have already been released. The players buy these updates, making it a very lucrative trend for video game companies.

However, for video game developers, this means that they are never quite done with a job. There is always something to add, change or improve. Gamers expect it and the video game companies are only too happy to offer it. Video game developers are under tremendous pressure as they are developing changes and working on new releases at the same time. You can read video game reviews here to get a better understanding of the updates and changes added to video games after release.