Stellar Photo Recovery: In-depth Review

Because people are very emotional, there are ups and downs in our lives. And it’s all because of emotions. So photos are a great way to capture different emotions in life.

So if we accidentally deleted the images that we want to keep, don’t worry. This photo recovery software is available for both Mac and Windows computers. In this review, we will cover the Windows edition of software. In addition to recovering audio, videos and photos, it also repairs and previews these files from different systems.

What is Stellar Photo Recovery?

Stellar Photo Recovery is a very powerful recovery software that can recover all lost or deleted data from your computer. This tool helps us to recover photos, videos and all audio files very easily and quickly. This image recovery software is one of the best recovery tools available online. It can recover on all Windows versions. On the one hand, this is very useful to recover lost and deleted media files from your hard drive. So if you want to recover your media files or photos, it is a better choice.

How to use Stellar Photo Recovery?

The interface of the photo recovery software is easy to understand and clean. You can recover files in three easy steps.

  • You can simply select the drive or storage device from which you want to retrieve the media file and then click “scan”.
  • The software scans the device and generates a preview of the deleted or corrupted files.
  • From there you can select the file you want to recover.

Remark: It is a DIY software that does not require much expertise. Both novice and professional photographers can use it without any problems.


Recently I went to a birthday party with my childhood friend. We have taken many videos and photos. These photos are very special to me. But yesterday, unfortunately, I couldn’t access all my favorite images. Then I searched on Google. Finally I got this software, ie available on the website as a free demo. When I realized that software can recover all my lost photos, I bought the full license version.

And I’m happy to tell you folks that this is the best photo recovery software. It can easily retrieve all photos, videos and ‘audio files’. It can be used multiple times. Stellar Photo Recovery software recovers 100% of photos and videos on SD cards.

Features of Stellar Photo Recovery

I’m going to highlight the features of software that make it excellent.

User-friendly interface

Stellar Photo Recovery has a simple and user-friendly interface. You don’t need any help from professionals to use it. We found it easy for both novice and experienced users to use.

Innovative and smart features

It has many advanced and innovative features that make its performance peerless. Stellar Photo Recovery software supports various systems including NTFS, ExFAT, FAT, HFS+ and APFS. You can use the smart functions to recover uncompressed photos, raster and vector photos and also Unicode files. It supports various file formats and performs in-depth scans.

Recover deleted videos, photos and audio

Stellar Photo Recovery helps to recover deleted videos, photos and audio from all kinds of SD cards like micro, mini and SDXC. The advanced deep scan feature performs a deep scan to locate the files that have been deleted or even corrupted. Then it will recover all lost files if they were really present in the media.

Recover files from 4k discs

You can recover your lost or deleted files from all models of 4k drives. The software will perform a scan on large areas of 4096 bytes to get the corrupted or deleted files. It supports all drives that FAT32 . to have, NTFS, HFS+, ExFAT, and APFS file systems.

Recover photos and videos from corrupt storage

Stellar Photo Recovery is an all-in-one recovery software that can help you recover not only the deleted files but also the corrupted files. For repairing damaged files, it performs a thorough scan.

Recovering files in a dual monitor setup

You don’t have to move from one screen to another to use the same software on two devices. With the advanced features of Stellar Photo Recovery, you can now recover the files while doing other tasks on the computer.

Supports file formats from all cameras:

It recovers data from all major cameras. This software supports various file formats of all cameras including Sony Epson, Canon and many more.

Learn more about the storage device status

Stellar Photo Recovery will inform you about the important points of your storage device. It will tell you what the current state of the system is and what the current temperature is. It allows users to take action in advance and arrange a timely backup.


Stellar Photo Recovery can perform a deep scan to help you recover files, videos and images in a timely manner. We highly recommend checking it out!

Last updated: August 24, 2021